Once separated by time and iron bars James is now back and claiming to be a changed man. But for every time Lisa says “no” a little more of who he really is resurfaces. James Harris is the man Lisa Jenson thought she would marry. He turned out to be the man who would almost kill her. Twice!

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Catherine “Cat” Palmer is a journalism major at Howard University, and works full-time as a receptionist in an emergency room. Juggling work and studies has left her no time for a social life. When her friends drag her to a frat party one night, she doesn’t expect to be introduced to the campus heartthrob, Dorian Wallace. Dorian is a business major at the university, known for his wealth and prowess with women. When he lays eyes on Catherine, it is love at first sight. It doesn’t take long before the two become inseparable.

At first, Catherine is enamored with Dorian’s attentiveness, and is grateful for the new lifestyle his wealth has afforded her. It soon becomes apparent Dorian’s intentions are not honorable, and simply a means of controlling her. Catherine finds every reason to excuse his antiquated thinking and domineering behavior; however, ignoring his actions isn’t as easy for those closest to her.

Will Catherine have the strength to escape the abuse, or will their love remain Unbalanced?

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Catherine Palmer and Dorian Wallace are about to walk down aisle. Everything is paid and ready for the blessed day. Nothing could go wrong. Or so she thinks. Catherine is about to find out there are some very high hurdles on the way to the church. And even more after she says “I do”.

Catherine is about to find out just how far she will go for love. And before their first year anniversary, Catherine is about to face the most horrible loss she has ever experienced. Can she move on? Does she have the strength to hold her marriage together no matter what?

Dorian Wallace can’t wait to marry the love of his life. And he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. In Dorian-like fashion, he creates a world where he is the only one in control. But is there a limit to his control over Catherine?

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Catherine Wallace finally has the life she’s always wanted; a family, a career, and a man who loves her. Her life is picture perfect…on the outside. Though Catherine has tried her best to cling to her husband, she finds that with every passing day it gets harder and harder. Her life has become an assembly line of painful memories. How much more can a woman take?

Dorian Wallace hates anything that takes Catherine’s attention away from him. He provides everything she needs. She doesn’t need anything or anyone but him. He made sure of that. Except Catherine has found someone else. And now Dorian is dishing out punishments with a vengeance.

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Myles Wallace is determined to save the woman he loves. No cost is too high. Not even the possibility of losing his family when their secret is exposed. He has waited his entire adult life for a woman like Catherine. And he will move heaven and hell to have her.

Catherine Wallace has escaped the hell that is her marriage. She is in constant fear of the violence her husband doles out as punishment for uncommitted crimes. She is finally ready to leave everything behind. But there are two things that stand in her way: Dorian Wallace and Myles Wallace. Can Catherine quell her fear of one and her love for the other to save herself?

Siobhan Warner never thought she would be able to escape the abuse she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend. Despite the urging of her mother and best friend, she was too much in love to leave him—and was deathly afraid of the repercussions if she did. But her blind loyalty is about to be tested.

Soon Siobhan awakes in the hospital. She also awakes to Dr. Justice Edmonds. Justice is drawn to Siobhan the moment he sees her. There’s something about her that makes his heart skip a beat. And against his better judgement, he wants to find out more about this beautiful, scared woman.

Can Siobhan find the courage to move on and open her heart again, or will her newfound strength cause someone to pay the ultimate price?